Top Ten Books I Could Re-Read Forever!

I don’t re-read books very often because the books that I really love stress me out! Even though I know what’s going to happen, the thought of some of my favorite characters going through their journeys again makes me so nervous. However these are the few books that I have read again and a few that I hope to reread sometime soon.


Weekend Recommendations: Addicting Reads

Sometimes weekends are boring. You either plan it that way in favor of some relaxing downtime or it just happens and you’re stuck at home. With either option, some fast-paced and addicting reads can really spice up a weekend with no plans! Here are my recent choices that I couldn’t put down.

TTT: Good Books I Can’t Remember Anything About

This week’s TTT intrigued me because I do have a very good memory when it comes to the things I read (it’s my secret weapon in test taking.) So I thought that I was going to have to scroll pretty far back on my Goodreads book list! I was right.

Bad Habits Created By Book Blogging

I love book blogging. I love reading blogs about books, watching videos about books, and just generally talking to anyone about books. This is just a post about some habits I’ve noticed changing in myself since my book blogging began.

December Monthly Wrap Up

December was excellent. Christmas was wonderful–I loved spending time with my family and Aric. Also, just to get this out of the way because I’m so excited to tell you, I got engaged on New Years Eve!

November Monthly Wrap Up

November was pretty awesome! I traveled a little for Thanksgiving (not as much as I would have liked but *shrugs* oh well.) I participated in NaNoWriMo, read great books, and did some fun things.