Dark Books and Funny TV Shows

So this post came from a Monday that I did not feel creative at all. I had no idea what to write for the blog so I thought I would recommend the randomness that I like and now, here it is, handed to you in the form of my lovely blog.


Bad Habits Created By Book Blogging

I love book blogging. I love reading blogs about books, watching videos about books, and just generally talking to anyone about books. This is just a post about some habits I’ve noticed changing in myself since my book blogging began.

The 10 Stages of Recommending A Book

This post was inspired when one of my friends who has been following my blog since it started and finally got done with college and so was able to start reading non-school related books! She sent me a TBR list with so many of my recommendations and it made my heart soar. So I made this list, which I think a lot of bookish people can relate to.