All The Books I’ve Read So Far In 2018

I got the idea for this post from a YouTuber (a dash of ash) who did the same thing. I think it’s an excellent idea to show all the books since it is close to mid year. Also, I don’t talk about every book I read so I thought this would be informative. In this post you’ll see all 15 books I’ve read thus far this year, why I chose to read them, and what I thought.


Books That Made Me Laugh Out Loud!

So confession, I haven’t read a lot of traditionally funny books. I haven’t read any books that are categorized in the comedy genre, but I would like to! So this post is going to show you the books that have made me laugh, books that I have on my shelf that I believe will be funny, and then funny books I want to read.

Unexpected Favorites

Here are some books that were totally unexpected favorites. For some, I just took a chance on an unknown book and was blown away. For others, they were unexpected because the other books the author had written were not for me. All of these are five-star ratings in my book.

Book Recommendations (1) — for Fans of Stranger Things!

For those looking for books that give them the same vibes as Stranger Things. Picking these books was challenging because it is such a great show, I didn’t want to disappoint anyone with subpar choices. I decided to go with that gritty, throwback feeling that you get when watching Stranger Things.