April + May Monthly Wrap Up

April and May were both very good months. I finished four books in April, which is pretty good for me, and although I only read one book in May, I wrote more than I ever have. I also purchased some of my most anticipated books of the year (aka The Summer ChildrenAce of Shades, and Brightly Burning.)

Camera Roll

What I Watched

Hell’s Kitchen

Image result for hell's kitchen

The Gordon Ramsay watch-a-thon continues with the latest show being Hell’s Kitchen. This hasn’t been my favorite show because the contestants are the star, not Ramsay. Also some of the drama is entertaining but most of it is very very annoying, especially as we get later into the season. Most of the chefs do not take responsibility and they confuse being a major butthole with confidence.

Mad Men

Image result for mad men logo

I waited to watch this for a very long time because when it came out everyone was hyping it up just like they hyped up Breaking Bad which was also an AMC show. I did not like Breaking Bad and I gave it three whole seasons. I felt like the timeline was messy and confusing. But I love Mad Men. It’s really really good.

A Quiet Place

Image result for a quiet place

A Quiet Place was such a good horror movie. It was something that was scary but hopeful and both Emily Blunch, John Krasinski, and Millie Simmonds gave wonderful performances.

Deadpool 2

Image result for deadpool 2

This was hilarious. I’ve mostly given up on ever catching up on all the Marvel movies and I’m okay with that but the Deadpool movies are easy because you don’t really need to watch any of the others. They have humor that everyone can understand and little jokes that poke fun at the franchise in general. Anytime they talk about the writers I just laugh so hard.

Most Popular Post

I didn’t blog a lot this month but my most popular post was my first participation in Top Five Tuesday with Top Two Ending Lines.

What I Read

51mfa84sb9l-_sx327_bo1204203200_1 The Dry by Jane Harper 5/5 stars

34992929 Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi 3.5/5 stars

220px-ready_player_one_cover Ready Player One by Ernest Cline 4/5 stars

35297394 The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw 5/5 stars

34726469 Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young 5/5 stars

Book Haul


I’m trying my hardest to read my current tbr and save money by buying less books. I am going to read from the library or only buy kindle books for a while.


I have succeeded on my past goals which included praying more, writing more, and not stressing out. Something about May really lessened my stress and made me so much more productive and inspired. The goals for June are to continue with these as well as:

  • Work on my blog. I have been fine with slacking a little on blogging as I was working on other things. However I have some great ideas for blog posts and I want to get them out.
  • Read. My lack of reading was a combination of just not wanting to, not reading a good book, and working on other things. However I believe my current read Sky In The Deep by Adrienne Young will pull me out of that!

Let’s chat! What have you been reading? What are your goals and/or tbr for the next month? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


About Leah

Hi! I'm Leah. I like books, TV, and plants. I love writing about it all. Earnest Hemmingway said "Write hard and clear about what hurts," and I aspire to do just that. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Rachel

    Love the pictures! I watched the first few episodes of Mad Men at some point but wasn’t feeling it at the time. Might have to give it another go. Also want to see A Quiet Place! I’m glad you’ve reached your goals for May and had a less stressful month.

    Liked by 1 person

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