Top Ten Books Set In Another Country

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This Top Ten Tuesday topic was surprisingly difficult. Every book that I read that is not set in my surroundings is usually a fantasy book set in a made-up place. I know that there are lots of YA Contemporary Fiction books set in other countries but I don’t usually read those. I know that there are good ones but I feel like a lot of them have spoiled main characters that don’t want to be where they are and I get annoyed. These are the the books that I’ve either read or am interested in reading that are set in another country.

1) The Dry by Jane Harper

I’m reading this book now and it’s so good. The Australian setting is very creepy in a way that I didn’t expect. The small town is going through a drought and it is causing everyone to be very stressed, almost to their breaking point.

2) The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

The Russian setting in this book is so rich. The story would not be the same without the lovely details the author writes into it. I believe that Arden studied in Russia and her love of the place and the culture really shows.

3) The Chalk Man by C. J. Tudor

Although I didn’t love this book, I liked it for this post because it doesn’t really change the story. This story could take place in any setting. It didn’t affect the story very much which shows that places that are not my home, are homes for other people. That’s so obvious but it’s difficult to remember sometimes.

4) The City of Brass by S. A. Chakraborty

This book is set in Egypt and I’ve heard it described as Historical Fiction with Fantasy. Originally, I didn’t have a lot of interest in this but then more and more people are saying that it is one of their favorites of the year so far and I have been tantalized.

5) Crimson Lake by Candice Fox

This book reminds me of The Dry, being that it’s a crime novel set in Australia. I am super enjoying The Dry so I believe that I’ll really enjoy this as well!

6) Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

I know that I have been posting about this book a lot but that should just show you how little books I read set in another country! I really need to change that… This is set in Ireland. Fae stories are familiar to me but I feel like this being set in Ireland made it even better.

7) The Hollow Girl by Hillary Monahan

I looked it up and Kirkus said the main character in this book is Welsh-Romani so I assume it would take place in Wales? Either way, this book has an entirely different culture than I am familiar with so I would count that!

8) The Half-Drowned King by Linnea Hartsuyker

I really got into Vikings (a tv show on the history channel) at the end of last year and I got this book because of that. I think I would like to explore the culture of Norway and the vikings even more.

9) Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor

This book is set in Nigeria which is different from any book I’ve ever read. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it! Like City of Brass, it seems like it is maybe a contemporary mixed with a fantasy element because there is magic.

10) The Astonishing Color of After by Emily E. R. Pan

Magical realism set in Taiwan? I am so there. This book has been everywhere and lots of people are loving it. I want to be one of those people!

Let’s chat!Have you guys read any of these books? Would you recommend them? What other books have you read in a different country than the USA? I know that I am missing a lot of countries and I need to fix that!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Rachel

    I’ve been wanting to read something set in Asia, so I might have to try The Astonishing Color of After (plus something about just the title alone makes me want to read it).

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