Weekend Recommendations: Addicting Reads

Sometimes weekends are boring. You either plan it that way in favor of some relaxing downtime or it just happens and you’re stuck at home. With either option, some fast-paced and addicting reads can really spice up a weekend with no plans! Here are my recent choices that I couldn’t put down.

The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn


I’m currently reading this one and it is so addicting. I have buzzed through half of it in just two days which is much quicker than I normally read. The main character is agoraphobic and it is such an interesting element in a thriller. The tension just keeps building but Anna is almost helpless to stop it. I cannot wait to see how this story plays out!

Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning


This was the first read that I sped through on my new Kindle. Although the main character is not the most complex person and the story is recognizably problematic, I really enjoyed this book. It takes a really interesting approach to the Fae, describing them more like aliens than mythical creatures. The setting is Dublin, Ireland which was very fun to read!

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black


This book came out recently and everyone was reading it. It got great reviews and for good reason! It’s another Fae story and although this one was more in the realm of the magical Fae that I’m used to, it was compellingly dark. Jude and her sisters must live in Fairy with their parents killer. Jude must adapt to this brutal world even though in every way she was made to be it’s victim. Normally books with comparisons as lofty as “for fans of Game of Thrones” would disappoint me but this one really lives up!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid


This book is so interesting because it is so realistic. While you’re reading it, you can’t help but feel that Evelyn Hugo should be a real person! Her life is so detailed and the character’s voice was so specific. It was an amazing ride to read about all of the glamorous and not so glamorous parts of her life. Evelyn has been through a lot and offers some great wisdom that I think anyone can glean from the story. The Old Hollywood portions were very exciting. All you’ll need is a weekend because you’ll be hooked for sure.

The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison


Anyone that has read my blog for very long knows that I love this book. It is so morbid that you cannot stop reading. Though it starts at the end and works it’s way back, the mystery of figuring out how The Gardener kidnaps and keeps these girls is fascinating and terrifying. If you get scared at all, you’ll need to read this with the lights on!

Let’s chat! Have you read any of these addicting reads and if so, what did you think? What books have you not been able to put down? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!






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