October Monthly Wrap Up

October was a great month! I got into the fall/Halloween spirit more than I ever have before which was great. Boyfriend and I carved pumpkins, went to Boo at the Zoo, and watched spooky movies and TV shows.

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compound_pathWhat I Watched compound_path

Happy Death Day


This was a pretty great movie. I really liked it and guessed the ending just from the previews. I don’t know if that says more about me, the previews, or the movie itself.



This movie was very interesting. Boyfriend gave it a thumbs down because he felt like nothing happened. It was definitely focused on the character’s emotional spiral but I still liked it.

Gerald’s Game


I wrote a review of this movie here -> https://wordpress.com/view/theleafd.com. So definitely check out my thoughts!

The Good Doctor


This is such an amazing show. It makes me almost-cry every time I watch it. I feel for the characters, especially Dr. Murphy and Dr. Browne. They both want to heal people and they are so pure!

Stranger Things


This is my favorite show. I haven’t fanned out over a show in a very long time but this show is so worth it. The story is engrossing and I could ramble on about it forever. I wrote a book recommendations post based on Stranger Things which you can find here->  https://theleafd.com/2017/10/28/book-recommendations-1-for-fans-of-stranger-things/

compound_pathWhat I Listened Tocompound_path

This feature I’ve just decided to dedicate to boyfriend because happens to give the best music recommendations and I wouldn’t have a lot of my newer music without him. I am only going to put one, Lost On You by Lewis Capaldi, because if there’s one song you listen to, it should be this one.

compound_pathMost Popular Postcompound_path

My Top Ten Unique Book Titles Post got the most love! It was very fun to write and see what everyone else wrote and thought.

compound_pathWhat I Readcompound_path

I’m getting to read more and more after college and I LOVE IT. I used to read a lot during high school and then I just got so worn from college that I had to get back into it slowly.

The Child by Fiona Barton 2/5 leafs

River of Teeth by Sarah Gailey unreviewed by I did enjoy it!

Final Girls by Riley Sager 5/5 leafs

All The Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater Review upcoming. It was amazing though!!!!

compound_pathNovember TBRcompound_path

Meddling Kids by Edward Cantero

You Know My Name by Kristen Olando

The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo

Murder on The Orient Express by Agatha Christie

compound_pathMy Favorite Post This Monthcompound_path

I really loved my NaNoWriMo Post about writing. It was fun getting my story out into the world just a little bit.

Goals For Next Month

  1. My main goal is NaNoWriMo. I am going to really get some progress done on my story. It makes me feel so good to write my thoughts down of the story.
  2. Blogging on a regular schedule. I did pretty good in October with a little slack at the end because I was preparing my story.
  3. Get better at Instagramming. I see so many beautiful pictures of books and I want to have more and post more regularly.
  4. Find another beautiful-awesome TV show for when Stranger Things ends (sad). I don’t want to fall into sadness because I will miss them because they are my friends not really but I care about them.


Let’s chat! What are you guys watching, reading, or listening to? What are you doing in November? Talk to me and let me know!!!


About Leah

Hi! I'm Leah. I like books, TV, and plants. I love writing about it all. Earnest Hemmingway said "Write hard and clear about what hurts," and I aspire to do just that. Thanks for reading!

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