Book Recommendations (1) — for Fans of Stranger Things!

So this post was originally going to be a book tag where I gave book recommendations based on the characters of Stranger Things but that was kind of harder than I anticipated! However, I didn’t want to completely abandon the idea so I am going to combine them! These recommendations are broken up by what books I think our favorite gang from Stranger Things would like!

compound_path Overall

For those looking for books that give them the same vibes as Stranger Things. Picking these books was challenging because it is such a great show, I didn’t want to disappoint anyone with subpar choices. I decided to go with that gritty, throwback feeling that you get when watching Stranger Things for these recommendations.


compound_path Eleven


Eleven doesn’t really know how to make friends or function in life but luckily she met a group that is more than willing to show her how. I think Eleven would enjoy books about brave people that are compassionate with others.


compound_path Mike Wheeler


Mike is a pretty serious kid and also a natural born leader. He is compassionate and willing to put himself in danger for his friends. He also quickly accepts people who are also on the outside of popular society. I think Mike would enjoy books that also have a group of misfits fighting for something bigger than them.


compound_path Dustin Henderson


I would say Dustin was arguably the kindest of the group. He was the calmest person in very tense situations-despite voicing how scared he was- and would crack a joke to break the tension. He never lashed out at Eleven when she did something wrong and forced the group to mend multiple times. I think Dustin would like science fiction books that have a good amount of humor and great, memorable characters.


compound_path Lucas Sinclair


Lucas is a very loyal friend and follows what he thinks is right, despite whether his friends agree. He is skeptical and questions everything, not accepting anyone until they have proven themselves. I think Lucas would enjoy disaster books about people that were willing to do whatever it took to ensure justice, freedom, and survival.


compound_path Will Byers


Will Byers is a survivor. He has been through a hard life but his mom and brother made it the best for him. He survives for all the people around him that care about him enough to face danger. I think Will would like books with family or good friends that become family.


 Let’s chat! No spoilers but what do you guys think about the show? Have you read any of these books? Are any of these on your tbr list? Do you have any books that you think would be a good recommendations for Stranger Things? Let me know in the comments!




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  2. Rachel

    I loved this! I am obsessed with the show (and highly reccomend Beyond Stranger Things on Netflix once you finish season 2). I think I might try to read a book from each character’s list! I also thought of the Percy Jackson books for Dustin. They’re humerous, and I think he would really get into the Greek mythology.

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