My First Blog Post

Hello to everyone that looks at this post! I’m very excited to start this writing endeavor. So this is Leaf’d, my blog discussing books, writing, with a little bit of my life with other interests thrown in. I created this blog to share the books I love reading and help people find something interesting to read.

About Me

compound_pathThis is me! Leah from Leaf’d. As you can see, I like my hammock, my plants, and my books! I’ve wanted to start this blog for a while and I’m so excited to do so.

compound_pathI created this blog to share the books I love reading. I would also love to help others find something interesting to read.

compound_pathI want it to be a positive place to share ideas about the good things in life: happy plants, pretty journals, delicious cakes, beautiful book covers, thoughtful films, and lovely words.

Blog Posts

compound_pathMost of my blog posts will likely be reviews of books that I read. I try to keep my format very consistent because when I’m reading blog posts, sometimes I don’t have much time and I like to just get the information I want and move on. This format will be as follows: a picture of the book, title linked to Goodreads, author and publication information, and then my rating. It will be out of five leafs.

compound_pathAfter the first portion designed for skimming, I will have the meat of the post. I will have a “What To Expect” portion of the book review, which will be things that I liked. Then a “What I Didn’t Like.” Both of these portions will be just a few sentences for every point, little “leaflets,” designed for quick skimming. The What I Didn’t Like points will be the same color as the background, readable by highliting over  the section.


The section after the blog post will be mostly for fun! It will be a section I called “Recommended.” It’s where I try to recommend things to go with the tone of the book. I recommend it to make the reading of the books I write about an experience. I think of reading as magical and I would be honored if you did too, especially with the books I review! Things I commonly recommend are things to eat with the book, things to wear, music to listen  to while reading, and a space to read in. I also love pictures when I read reviews so I add them often!



About Leah

Hi! I'm Leah. I like books, TV, and plants. I love writing about it all. Earnest Hemmingway said "Write hard and clear about what hurts," and I aspire to do just that. Thanks for reading!

13 Responses

  1. Hi Leah!
    Thanks so much for dropping by on my blog. 💛 I’m so pleased I found some time to visit yours, especially since this is your first post! I wish you all the best, and you have my support. I cannot wait to see your book reviews as well. 💛


  2. Good luck!

    I also started my new blog this year (have been blogging for years but decided to go self-hosting) and even though it’s a bit hard (balancing time to blog and complete my degree), everything looks okay so far. Except you know, getting people to read my blog lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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