Weekend Recommendations: Addicting Reads

Sometimes weekends are boring. You either plan it that way in favor of some relaxing downtime or it just happens and you’re stuck at home. With either option, some fast-paced and addicting reads can really spice up a weekend with no plans! Here are my recent choices that I couldn’t put down.


Series’ Conclusions That Scare Me!

The Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl) topic for today was originally “Books That I Am Not Too Interested In Reading Anymore.” This would have been perfect except for I just deleted a bunch of books from my Goodreads list because I didn’t want to read them anymore. I didn’t want to read them anymore and so I obviously can’t remember a single one! I think this topic will do fine as a replacement because series are hard to read. 

Random Things I’ve Noticed About Books

This post is a collection of things I’ve noticed in my reading experience. They range from surface level things that anyone can see on a book when they just pick it up in the store to details that come about deeper in one’s reading.

Review of The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor

I got this book through my Book of the Month Club subscription box and was very much looking forward to it. They claimed it was for fans of Stranger Things which was too tantalizing a comparison to pass up. However, although I believe that this was a decent read, it fell far from expectation.

Top Ten Favorite Romances

This Top Ten Tuesday topic (hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl –by the way I love the way she took this TTT prompt. Go check it out!) is definitely one of my favorites. In fact, February is one of my favorite times to be a blog reader because bloggers write about romance recommendations in February and I love bookish love!

Books That Have Been on My TBR The Longest

A fact about me: my Goodreads account is really unorganized. I only use the Want To Read List, the Read List, and The Currently Reading list. This means that owned books, backlist books, and books that haven’t come out yet are all on the same Want To Read List. I don’t really mind but it also means that I might never read some of those books.

Top Ten Books I Can’t Believe I Read

I decided to understand the topic as ‘books that are very unusual and different from what I normally read’ but that is far too long to make the title! With this meaning in mind, it was really easy to pick books. I did not hate any of these choices, they were just radically different from a Leah-read.